Live, relax, enjoy… there’s more to EXPERIENCE in NEW ZEALAND!

Important update to share....

Sadly the time has come for some changes with GSL. – and whilst it has been an incredibly difficult decision to make,
The time has come for us to “step away” from actively recruiting Doctors with work plans for New Zealand.

Sadly, this means we are not accepting new applications to partner with GSL Medical Recruitment Services
We will continue to process and assist Doctors as currently have posts confirmed; or have already arrived and settled in New Zealand.

We have partnered with some incredible people throughout our ‘GSL’ years – whether their plans were to be in NZ for a long or short time, looking for adventures in New Zealand whilst supporting our NZ health force!

Shae & I have enjoyed our journey working with Doctors for their plans for New Zealand. We are going to miss chatting with you all and the ‘fun part ‘of meeting and welcoming you’ to New Zealand.

As Director and Recruitment Consultant:
“I’ve always been really proud to be part of the Gold Standard Locums; GSL Medical Recruitment team – it’s been an amazing journey – and again, incredibly rewarding!

We will certainly miss working with you all and wish you all the very best with your own NZ plans.”

Dee & Brian Chilcott – Directors GSL Medical Recruitment 
March, 2023

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